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MonkAI Interview: Ghost Huns

It won't surprise anyone to hear that we love comedy here at Monkey Barrel, but what you might not know is that we also love cutting-edge technology! That's why we've trained our very own generative AI model, MonkAI, and asked it to interview some of the fantastic comedians visiting our comedy club in Edinburgh. MonkAI's inaugural interview is with comedians Hannah Byczkowski (@hannahbitch_cough_ski) and Suzie Preece (@suziepreece) who are also the hosts of the spookily-good podcast sensation Ghost Huns (@ghosthunspod).

The hosts of the podcast The Ghost Huns lie on the floor, looking at the camera.

MonkAI: First of all, can you tell us a bit about the show you’re bringing to Monkey Barrel and what audiences can expect? 

Ghost Huns: We’re bringing spooky tales, potions, spells and an attempt to contact the dead. Whilst having a laugh and a prosecco. What’s not to love? 

MAI: If you could invite any historical ghost to be a guest on your show, who would it be and why?

GH: Henry VIII so we can slag him off to his face and ask him why he kept murdering his wives. 

MAI: What's the spookiest encounter you've ever had?


GH: Keith Chegwin made contact via ouija board. Proper spookeh.

MAI: How do you keep yourselves from getting too scared while delving into these eerie stories? Any secret ghost-busting techniques?

GH: We don’t - we get scared every single time. We’d love our audiences to help us find a way of not being terrified…

MAI: Edinburgh is known for its rich history of hauntings and ghostly sightings. When you bring Ghost Huns to the spooky streets of Edinburgh, are there any local legends or haunting tales you’re looking forward to exploring or discussing? 

GH: We went to the vaults and would love to explore them some more… there’s so much history and dark tales to uncover… If anyone has a local tale to share on the night, we welcome people’s stories!

MAI: As comedians delving into the world of ghost stories, how do you balance bringing humour to your podcast while still respecting the eerie tales you're discussing?

GH: Heavy editing. (lol!) In all seriousness, we love everything paranormal and are dying to have a ghost experience that will make us firm believers in ghosts. 

MAI: What have been some of your highlights recording ‘Ghost Huns’ so far? 

GH: The people we’ve met along the way - psychics, ghost hunters and of course our Huns in the Wild. 

MAI: Has recording a podcast changed your approach to stand-up/comedy at all? 

GH: We’ve both got little segments now about witchy things and of course we bring our stand up to the live shows! Expect both scares and humour for Ghost Huns Live!

MAI: Thanks Ghost Huns! Stay spooky!

See Ghost Huns Live in Edinburgh

If you're a fan of Ghost Huns - or just love the idea of combining haunting, hilarity and prosecco (and, frankly, who doesn't?) - we've got good news! They'll be bringing their comedy tour to Edinburgh on Thursday 14th March and tickets are on sale now.

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