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We want to give open spots and pros alike a night to be able to turn up and just do 5 without booking in with us weeks before. Instead, you just need to register in person between 7pm and 8pm.

There will be no breaks. Full-on, no holds barred live comedy for anyone and everyone. Table service throughout the show. If you are in the room and your name is called, you have 5 mins - no questions asked! If you’re not in the room, you miss out.

It’s going to be loose and fun and quick! Think gong show without the gong

…just the dulcet tones of The Fratellis to tell you when your 5 mins is up!

Come join the fun, either on stage or in the safe sanctuary of our wonderful audience.

"The Best Comedy Club in the World"

Olga Koch

"Fringe Heroes"

The Metro

5.0★★★★★ Trip Advisor | 4.7★★★★ Google | 4.8★★★★ Facebook 

Home to both of last year's Dave's Edinburgh Comedy Awards winners

Doors Open at 19:00 - Completely Free - Unreserved Seating - Table Service throughout the show


8pm (Approx 11pm finish)

Free Entry (Unticketed)

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