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Monkey Barrel Comedy offers workshops and versatile spaces to expand your creative endeavours and development.

Our mission is to empower your creativity and drive success by offering a diverse range of workshops and thoughtfully designed spaces to inspire and develop. 

Our workshops partner with experienced industry professionals who can tailor the content around your requirements.

Get in touch today to discuss private and corporate workshop bookings.

A comedian hosts an improv workshop, standing in the centre of a circle with five attendees.

Improv Workshops

This the practice of using improvised comedy and theatre techniques to develop spontaneity, communication and presentation skills. It helps teams and individuals reach their full potential by ditching the script and working together in the moment.

​Improvisation is all about taking risks, listening and creating together as a team. Improv helps organisations succeed with these vital collaborative skills, all while laughing with each other and having a ridiculously good time.

Applied improv is a well-established trend in North America that is taking the UK and Europe by storm.

Clowning Workshops

During these lively and entertaining workshops, participants will explore the art of clowning, a timeless and delightful form of performance that combines physical comedy, improvisation, and the joy of connecting with your inner child.

Whether you're an aspiring performer, a curious soul, or simply looking to inject more laughter into your life, these workshop is perfect for all experience levels.

Comedian and clown Elf Lyons sits with her head resting on her left arm in a clown costume. The background is pink.
A comedian holds a microphone on the stage at Monkey Barrel Comedy. An audience looks on.

Comedy Workshops

An interactive experience that combines theory and practice to help you develop your comedic skills. Led by experienced comedians, this workshop provides a safe and supportive environment for participants to explore various comedy techniques, find their comedic voice, and most importantly, have a blast while doing it.

Suitable for new comers to comedy and experienced comic who want to continue their development.

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