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What about COVID-19?

At Monkey Barrel Comedy, we want to ensure you have the most fun possible. This means making sure everyone feels comfortable and safe. With that in mind, here are some of the procedures we have in place to keep original laughs rolling in a new normal.

1. Socially distanced and ticket bubbles

All our shows are socially distanced and we sell tickets in bubbles (unless indicated), to make sure that you minimise contact with other customers inside the venue. You will not be sat amongst a group of strangers!


2. Everyone gets a seat

We do not offer standing room tickets. During the show everyone will be seated to prevent overcrowding and ensure the most comfortable experience possible.

 3. Contactless table service throughout the shows

We also offer table service drinks orders through your phone, so that before and during the show you will not need to leave your seat. This reduces waiting at the bar and the need to queue around the performance areas. We also serve all drinks in recyclable plastic cups to help reduce risk further


4. Temperature checks and masks

Upon entry to the venue we take a voluntary and non-invasive temperature check on your wrist. We also ask all customers to abide by the Scottish government's guidelines and wear masks at all times while inside the venue, unless sat down or if you are exempt. All our staff will be wearing face coverings. We will be checking so please do not be offended if we ask. Any customers who show above 37.8C will be offered a full refund on their ticket.


5. Full clean between shows.

Between each performance we take time to sanitise and clean the performance space and toilets. Our venues are also full ventilated and fresh air is cycled through the rooms before, during and after all shows.

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